Development Finance

Residential Development Finance

At Seacco, we are continuously listening to developers and finding the areas of funding shortfalls. We have access to a number of development funds from 60% to 100% funding. The areas that we have identified where there is the greatest demand for funding are:

  • Stretched Debt to 90% LTC
  • Equity Investors providing 10% to 30% of development costs
  • Reduced levels of personal guarantees
  • Development funding outside the M25 at reasonable rates
  • 100% Joint venture funding

We now have access to over 40 stretched debt providers, 20 mezzanine finance lenders and 50 equity investors who have a serious appetite to lend.

We deal with all the well known development funders and incumbent banks to offer residential development finance but we also deal with pension funds, equity houses, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, and many new funds offering Stretched Debt to remove the need for Mezzanine finance.We can also arrange JVs with developers and we look to source off market development opportunities as well.

In addition to funding private residential development projects, Seacco also has development funders looking to deploy money into Student Accommodation.

Student Accommodation:

Some developers have recently moved their focus to Student Accommodation due to the high demand and significant profits that can be made. Seacco can provide both debt and equity solutions to both developers in the student accommodation sector offering flexible finance options at high leverages.

Residential Development Finance Next Steps

If you have a great development opportunity but are struggling to find the residential development finance package then call or email us and we will find a solution.

Email us:

Call us: 020 3427 5600

We are a dynamic, experienced and dedicated team offering professional, independent advisory services.

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